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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Remember when Real Madrid played Real Madrid in the Copa Del Rey Final?

Dream Team FC
Remember when Real Madrid played Real Madrid in the Copa Del Rey Final?

Imagine how awkward this was at training.

Real Madrid are no strangers to a cup final, but how about playing one against your own team-mates?

That’s exactly what happened in the 1980 Copa Del Rey final.

SIGN UP NOW – It’s time to pick your fantasy football team for the new season *Rubs eyes*

For the first and last time in the history of Spanish football, a youth team played their parent club in a domestic cup final.

Real Madrid were pitted against their reserve team, Real Madrid Castilla.

Unfortunately, there was to be no fairy-tale ending for Castilla.

The inexperienced side were beaten 6-1 on the day, but just getting to the final is an underdog story to rival Leicester City.

But just how exactly did this happen?

Let’s find out…

My money is on Madrid The loophole

Before 1991, reserve teams in Spain were treated completely independently from their senior team.

They were never allowed to compete in the same divisions as their counterparts.

Despite this, they were still able to feature in the same cup competitions, including the Copa Del Rey.

“Pint after this, mate?”

Generally, youth teams would fail miserably in the cup, most times never making it past the first round.

If a draw placed a senior team against its reserve squad, the draw would be redone to ensure a different opponent.

Why are you swapping shirts? FFS

The only way that a youth team could ever face their parent club would be if both sides reached the final, something that would never happen… right? Wrong.

Route to the final

Eighteen youth teams entered the 1979-80 Copa Del Rey, with Castilla going all the way.

The team’s average age was just 20, with no player over the age of 23 on the roster.

Half and half scarves everywhere

The young side was led by an equally young manager.

34-year-old Juanjo Garcia Santos was the coach and, unsurprisingly, guiding Castilla to the final was the crowning glory of his brief managerial career.

The big day

Kitted out in a changed strip of purple, Castilla, perhaps understandably so, let the occasion and nerves get to them.

The teams at kickoff

After initially keeping Madrid at arms length, Castilla found themselves losing 2-0 by half-time.

Shortly after the break, the minnows were 4-0 down as Madrid began to bully their younger brother.

Killjoys Real Madrid

Castilla’s Ricardo Alvarez pulled back a consolation goal with ten minutes remaining, making the score 4-1, before Madrid scored two more to put the game to bed.

Once Madrid were awarded the trophy, both sides then celebrated the victory on the pitch together.

Imagine celebrating against your own team… Better! Sharing = caring Famous faces

The final featured several household names.

England’s Laurie Cunningham was starting on the wing for that day.

The 1980 final win was Cunningham’s first of two Copa Del Rey titles, with the next coming two years later.

Cunningham in action against rivals BarcelonaGetty - Contributor

The former West Brom star also won a La Liga title during his spell with Los Blancos.

Another name which jumps out from the winning side is Vincente Del Bosque, of World Cup winning management fame.

Del Bosque got himself on the score-sheet on the day, netting Madrid’s fourth.

Some big names

Jose Antonio Camacho also featured, he would go onto manage Madrid over two spells, as well as Benfica.

The aftermath 

Despite the defeat, it wasn’t all doom and gloom for Castilla!

Since Madrid had qualified for the European Cup, Castilla, as Copa Del Rey runners up, took their place in the European Cup Winners’ Cup (remember that?)

Castilla’s European adventure was, however, over before it really began.

SIGN UP NOW – It’s time to pick your fantasy football team for the new season

The first round saw them face Trevor Brooking’s West Ham.

Despite winning 3-1 in the first leg in Madrid, Castilla were knocked out after West Ham beat them 5-1 after extra time at Upton Park.

Brooking and West Ham were too much for CastillaGetty Images - Getty

The return leg was played behind closed doors after West Ham fans caused crowd trouble during the first tie in Madrid.

Some things never change.

Castilla still remain the only reserve team to ever take part in an official UEFA senior competition.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Hannah Hegarty could be Dublin's next star dual player

Sport: : BreakingNews.ie
Hannah Hegarty could be Dublin's next star dual player
Hannah Hegarty could be Dublin's next star dual player
It tells you something about the calibre of individual Hannah Hegarty is that she was captain of both Dublin’s Minor Camogie and ladies football teams in 2015.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Neymar not upset at critics of his World Cup rolling

Neymar not upset at critics of his World Cup rolling
Neymar not upset at critics of his World Cup rolling

SAO PAULO — Neymar said he isn’t upset with critics who have made fun of his apparent theatrics during the World Cup in Russia.

At an auction Thursday organized by Neymar Jr. institute, the striker appeared in public for the first time since Brazil was eliminated by Belgium in the World Cup quarterfinals.

Earlier Thursday, the Brazilian posted a video on Instagram like many others poking fun at his exaggerated reactions after being fouled during the World Cup.

"I was joking (in the social media video). Since everybody is hoping on the bandwagon, I take it as a joke. I am not upset," the Paris Saint-Germain striker told Fox Sports before the auction.

In the short video, Neymar is surrounded by children who fall after he gives them a sign. "It was just a moment I was with the kids and I decided to do it," the striker said.

Fans, players and former soccer stars criticized the Brazilian for his overacting on the pitch in Russia, including a tearful moment at the end of the 2-0 win against Costa Rica and a lot of rolling after being fouled by adversaries.

His advocates, however, say the 26-year-old needs to be more protected by referees against constant and aggressive fouling from adversaries, and that his reactions are not as important.

Neymar also said "the grief is over" after Brazil’s World Cup elimination.

"We have to choose to be happy. We have reasons to be sad, but I choose to be happy," he said.

The Brazilian also praised his Paris Saint-Germain teammate Kylian Mbappe, who won the World Cup with France at age 19.

"He is a phenomenon, a great player. We knew that from our day-to-day with him. I am very happy he played such a great World Cup," Neymar said. "I speak to Mbappe almost every day. I congratulated him for the title. It will be great to welcome him back as a World Cup champion."

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Sydney FC won't rush into marquee signing - chief executive Danny Townsend

Sydney FC won't rush into marquee signing - chief executive Danny Townsend
Steve Corica has an extra $1.3million in the kitty after pocketing a transfer fee for Adrian Mierzejewski. Sprinting great Usain Bolt appears close to securing a trial stint with the Central Coast Mariners. Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola takes time to meet Melbourne City players and fans in Australia. Sydney FC won't rush into signing replacements for Bobo and Adrian Mierzejewski, with chief executive Danny Townsend aiming to reel in a big fish as European transfer actions heats up. The Sky Blues are searching far and wide as they attempt to cover the loss of Bobo, who earlier this year broke the record for most goals in an A-League season, and Mierzejewski, who claimed the Johnny Warren medal in his only season with the club. They unsuccessfully courted Spanish striker Fernando Torres, while...

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Fortnite Season 6: Absolutely everything about Season 6 – new maps, weapons, tips, mobile and much more

Dream Team FC
Fortnite Season 6: Absolutely everything about Season 6 – new maps, weapons, tips, mobile and much more

Despite the fact that season five has barely started, we want to know everything that’s going to be happening in season six of Fortnite.

That’s what brought you here, right?

The good news is that we’ve pulled together everything you need to know about season six – from rumours to gameplay improvements -related stuff and big announcements.

Treat this as your own personal Fortnite season six ‘hub’ – we’ll be updating it daily, so you’ll always be in the know.

Let’s kick off with what we know so far.

When is Season 6 landing?

After Season 5…..

No seriously.

Season 5 comes to an end a year after the battle royale mode was originally launched on the 25th September.

We are hoping Epic Games will be planning something extra special for the next season as an ode to the overwhelming success they have had this year.

What can we learn from season 5?

The map has had a huge overhaul with new areas to explore including Lazy Links, a wacky gold course and Paradise Palms located in a huge desert biome.

New vehicles and skins are also available, to find out more about how this will affect Fortnite’s Season Six click here.

What is Fortnite?

In September 2017, a new standalone mode called Battle Royale was launched – which brought the game into direct competition with PUBG – another battle royal-style shooter.

Then on March 12th 2018, Epic released the IOS version of Fortnite.

Each game sees 100 players plonked on to a map with no weapons or armour – you need to scavenge and explore to find these.

Similar to PUBG there is a ‘closing in’ mechanic – which sees the game area get smaller and smaller.

Venture outside the safe zone (a ‘storm’ in Fortnite’s case) and you’ll lose health rapidly, before being eliminated.

Fortnite can be played solo or with friends on mobile, Xbox, Switch, PS4 and PC.

Word to the uninitiated – if you’re playing solo, do not try to team up – you’ll get killed.

How much does Fortnite cost?

It’s free – unless you’re mad about cosmetics (which some people clearly are).

Skins can be obtained through the battle pass or you can buy V-bucks and spend them in the store

What games systems is Fortnite currently on?

It’s on Xbox, PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch and IOS.

When is the game coming to Android?

With 1000’s of people already playing Fortnite on IOS, there is a huge demand for the game to come over to Android.

Epic games are currently working to release the game in China where the majority of people use Androids.

The release date is rumoured to be 24th July so keep your eyes peeled.

Season 5 map

The addition of golf kart’s to the map was perhaps the biggest gameplay development this season.

Allowing you to travel faster and race your friends on the new track that rivals Monaco’s.

Portals are also dotted around the map which allow you to re-drop from the sky, giving you more time to loot and still get away from the storm.

There are no other maps (yet), which will frustrate some, but developers Epic continue to add to their existing map with locations such as Paradise Palms and Lazy Links.

The map has changed drastically this season with a whole new biome and different attractions scattered around

Where’s the worst place to land on Fortnite?

It all depends on your ability. Tilted Towers can be the best place if you’re experienced or worst place if you’re a noob.

It’s usually teeming with loot and powerful weapons – but most decent players will swarm on it pretty sharpish.

If you’re new to the game, head for Snobby Shores or Lonely Lodge – they’re a bit further out so they’ll be less competition for decent loot.

Best weapons for mobile players?

On Fortnite the colour of the weapon indicates how good it is.

With the new update, the best way for smartphone players to win is to take the sneaky approach.

The silenced SMG has had a big upgrade in terms of damage and accuracy so make sure to rock one of these when sneaking up on people.

Pair the tactical shotgun with the silenced SMG and you have a winner.

If you come across a sniper it may be worth practising as it will give you a real advantage over other players.

The best weapons are found in loot crates – so keep an eye out for these.

Fancy a gold scar? Look out for supply drops

How to build as a mobile player?


It’s always best to build a small fort three stories high in the zone.

This way you can have a clear view of all the battles going on around you and will let you pick off opponents with your assault rifle or sniper.

If you want to get better at building you have to practice.

Hop into a game, head to wailing woods, collect some wood and just build up and down.

Practice switching between weapons and different types of materials, then when you get into a battle you will likely win!

One by ones are the ultimate form of defence

Why bother getting Fortnite on my phone?

It’s easy to pick up and play for an hour or on your lunch break or on the train, anywhere with an internet connection – plus, it’s free.

Fortnite is all about action – and the fun construction element really helps add a new dimension to battles.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Australia striker Tim Cahill retires from international football

Australia striker Tim Cahill retires from international football
Australia striker Tim Cahill retires from international football

SYDNEY, Australia — Australia striker Tim Cahill has announced his retirement from international football aged 38 and after his fourth World Cup.

Cahill announced his decision in a tweet Tuesday saying "today’s the day I’m officially hanging up my boots on my international career with the Socceroos. No words can describe what it has meant to represent my country."

The former Everton star became the first Australian to play at four consecutive World Cups when he came off the bench in Australia’s 2-0 defeat to Peru in the group stages in Russia.

Cahill retires as Australia’s leading goalscorer with 50 goals from 107 appearances.

He tweeted a "massive thank you to everyone for the support throughout all my years wearing the Australian badge."

"I am incredibly proud to have had the opportunity to represent my country over 100 times. Every single cap has been an honour."

Cahill made his international debut against South Africa in 2004 and has featured in some of Australia’s most famous wins in the past 14 years, joining a small and elite group by scoring at three World Cups.

"My teammates from back in 2004 all the way through to now have pushed me to continue to improve and we have all shared in the highs and lows together," Cahill said. "I’ve had a terrific relationship with all the Socceroos staff including many different managers, coaches and behind the scenes staff.

"The medical staff have done an amazing job in enabling me to keep playing and manger by body throughout these 15 years."

Monday, July 16, 2018

FIFA 19 demo: Release date, download, teams, best players, hint, tips and much more

Dream Team FC
FIFA 19 demo: Release date, download, teams, best players, hint, tips and much more

FIFA 19’s demo teams have been revealed.

There will nine teams playable in the demo – which is set to land at some point in September.

These are as follows:

Bayern Munich Juventus PSG Man City Man United Borussia Dortmund Real Madrid Atletico Madrid Tottenham Hotspur

Amazingly, Dortmund were only just added to the roster after the German team dumped PES and switched allegiances to EA.

It’s not known yet what stadiums will feature, but we’re almost certain there won’t be nine of them.

The demo will likely offer offline play with up to two players – and may include a playable section of The Journey, although no details have been confirmed.

There are also a host of new gameplay features and tweaks set to arrive to this year’s game.

Here are the most important.

Neymar was a big part of the FIFA 19 trailer Sweet spot

If you tap Circle or B just as your foot hits the ball, you massively increase the chance of striking it into the top corner.

It’s all about timing, so get it wrong and you’ll be punished with a scuffed shot.


Game plans have been introduced this year – which are set up before a match.

Here, you can set what tactics your team has depending on certain situations – such as if they’re 1-0 up or losing a match.

Once you have made the plans, simply assign to a D-pad press and you’re good to go.

Unlike last year, when it was hard to see if a tactical option had been executed, there’s now a clear toggle for on-the-fly instructions.

We’ve seen this before

You’re also now able to adjust your team’s width and depth, as well as instruct your full backs what kind of runs to make in attack or your centre back to cover certain areas of the pitch.

There’s greater control over your team’s defensive style, too – with new settings: “pressure after possession loss,” “constant pressure,” “drop back,” “balanced,” and “pressure on heavy touch.”

Sounds great!

Revised mini-map

A simple but welcome change.

One team will now have triangle icons, the other will have circles – so it’s easier to see who’s who.

Graphics look to have been tweaked and improved Champions League

EA has got everything from the Champions League logo including the commentary team, Derek Rae and Lee Dixon.

It’ll also have its own mode and the ability to create custom tournaments. Amazing.

Europa League

This was slightly overshadowed by the Champions League announcement, but yes the Europa League will also be in FIFA 19.

Expect the full broadcast package, too.

General gameplay 

Passing has been re-worked to feel more natural, while a active touch system allows better first touches from different parts of the body.

It also opens up the possibility of a feint attack – where, as the ball approaches, you can shift your weight one way, before going the other.

Cristiano Ronaldo will be on the cover of FIFA 19

Stepovers, too, are reportedly easier to pull off and look more convincing – making it harder for your opponent to defend against.

Finally, 50/50 battles over a loose ball will now take into account more variables than last year – such as reaction time.